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Get More Educated about These 4 Car Transmission Misconceptions

Today, more and more vehicles use an automatic car transmission. But does that necessarily mean that they are more cost-effective and fuel-saving machines? There are a lot of contradictory opinions about this topic. Now, in this article you will see them debunked:

Misconception # 1. Vehicles with stick shifts are more economic when it comes to fuel consumption. Actually, in the past cars with manual transmissions were very economic. However, as technologies have developed, today, the automobiles using automatic ones are more fuel-efficient.
Misconception # 2. Cars with stick shifts and clutches have a lower price than their automatic counterparts. In some cases this is true. But that depends on the make of your car. For example, BMW’s with manual and automatic transmissions cost approximately the same.
Misconception # 3. Manual transmission vehicles get better mileage. Again, that would be true but in the past. Nowadays, automatics get better mileage because they have the most advanced computer systems, dual clutches, and various speeds. So, when you drive a car with an automatic transmission, you can enjoy faster driving and thus, less gasoline is wasted in the process of switching gears.
Misconception # 4. When you drive a car with a stick shift, you get more control over it. This is somewhat true. Basically, manual transmissions are a perfect solution for dangerous conditions, such as ice, downhills, and brake failure as they will allow you to change gears and stay in a certain gear for a longer period of time. What’s interesting here is that the newest automatic transmissions allow you to shift gears manually too.
Conclusion. When you intend to purchase a new vehicle, you should have in mind that automatics will last the lifespan of your car. But the stick shifts are more prone to breakdowns and failures.

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