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Want to Know How Often You Need to Change Your Auto Transmission?


97748094There are numerous factors which will affect how frequently you will need to change your auto transmission fluid or ATF for short. Different vehicles will have varying servicing intervals, and your vehicles manual should specify the mileage for your car. Most need their transmission fluid changed approximately every 25,000 miles, although some specify longer intervals. Driving conditions will also affect the frequency of changing, so you need to check it regularly in order to see if there is any fluid degradation. This inspection will reveal also, if your fluid is running low, which are usually symptoms of a leak.

Auto transmission fluid does get extremely hot, this will create a breakdown with its composition, and will interfere with its ability to lubricate the engine. Numerous components will wear out also over time, which will lead to contaminants being released into the fluid. New ATF should be a bright cherry red color, and dirty fluid will appear grey or black, in addition to having a burnt smell. Try wiping the dirty fluid onto a clean cloth, this often reveals metal particulates within too. Should any of these appear with your ATF, then the time has come to change it.

A crucial part of a flush will be replacing the filter, should you have one. Some vehicles have external spin units, which act like oil filters, however, it is more common for filters to be placed internally. With cases such as these, the transmission pan needs to be taken off, to be able to replace the filter. Should your pan gasket have a leak, it is advisable to get your fluid and filter changed at the same time.

There is no danger connected with changing your ATF more often than recommended. It can, however, be quite costly, but changing it often will help to prolong your transmissions lifespan. When a flushing is done more than the recommended interval, it is sometimes not necessary to replace the filter.


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