What May Cause the Need for a Professional Auto Transmission Repair

In order to drive safely, you need to make sure that your transmission is in a good condition all year round. Here is a short guide on the most common transmission problems that may provoke the need for a professional auto transmission repair. We hope that knowing their symptoms will help you prevent any major issues in time.

  • transmissionLow transmission fluid. This problem can be caused either by leaks or slow shifting and gear slippage.
  • Torque converter issues. The torque converter pressurizes the automatic transmission fluid. A damaged or worn converter makes grinding sounds and prevents the transmission from operating flawlessly.
  • Overheating. It is normally caused by either insufficient level of transmission fluid or heavy tow load. Overheating can make the transmission seize and in most cases leads to the need for a total transmission replacement if the problem is not addressed in a timely fashion.
  • Driving style. Aggressive driving, improper shifting and general abuse can cause the transmission to fail. In order to avoid such problems, you’d better never shift a car to reverse while it’s moving forward.
  • Solenoid issues. The solenoid controls the transmission fluid flow. Solenoid issues may be mistaken for low or leaking fluid.
  • Problems with the clutch. The main symptoms include harsh shaking and high heat levels. Significant drop in power output is a good indication that you have such problems.
  • If you drive a used vehicle, its history is extremely important. You’d better visit a transmission specialists to inspect your automobile before you hit the road for a long trip with the family.
  • Gears wear over time. Regular maintenance is recommended if you want to make sure that they stay in a good working order.
  • Faulty wiring. Your vehicle’s transmissions operate on a series of linkage connections. Any break in the system can lead to total transmission failure.

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