Ask Our Transmission Mechanic about the Costs of Your Repair

Ask Our Mechanics about the Costs of Your Transmission Repair

Having to repair your vehicle’s transmission is not a very common problem, but can be a costly one, so we have decided to start our blog page by posting a few things which will help you understand how the price forms and what is involved in such a repair. We hope that you find the information provided by our transmission shop specialists useful in the future!

The Basic Components of a Transmission System

  • Planetary gear sets. These are the mechanical systems which put your vehicle into gear – both reverse and forward. Gears spin on pinions in automatic transmissions in order to create the necessary gear ratio.
  • Hydraulic system. It is needed to send the transmission fluid to the valve body under pressure. This serves to control the bands and clutches, and in turn, the planetary gear sets.
  • Seals and gaskets. They control the movement of the fluid through the system preventing it from leaking.
  • Torque converter. It allows the engine to keep running even when you have stopped the car, in other words, it does the job of the clutch in automatic vehicles.
    Governor and modulator. They are the ones-controlling the engine when to shift in vehicles with manual transmissions.
  • Transmission “soft parts”. These are rings, bands, clutches, bearings, bushings, and other parts which are designed to wear out eventually and to be replaced at an auto body shop.

The Costs of Transmission Repair

The average transmission can have more than 1,000 parts, and that does not include smaller parts like nuts and bolts. During a repair, all of these parts are removed, cleaned, and inspected by mechanics in order to find out the damaged one and to have it replaced. This is why, sometimes the fees for such a service can be quite high.

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