How to Understand If It's Time to Visit a Transmission Shop

How to Understand If It’s Time to Visit a Transmission Shop

The transmission system is one of the most complex parts of your car. It’s made from hundreds of pieces, and each and every one of these pieces must work together so that the entire system can operate smoothly and efficiently. Unfortunately, there are cases when one or more of these parts may malfunction. When this happens, it is crucial that you address the problem before it turns into a serious issue. Here are some of the most common signs that you need to visit your local transmission shop as soon as possible.

transmission shopGrinding noise

Your transmission must operate smoothly and quietly. If you hear any unusual noises that are coming from underneath your vehicle, then you may want to have your transmission inspected. A grinding noise is usually an indicator that you may have a leak in the transmission system and there is a lack of fluid.

Rough shifting

Whether it’s automatic or manual, every transmission system must change gears smoothly and efficiently. If your car slips out of gears or you have troubles putting it into drive, then you should have a specialist check your gearbox. In most cases, a refill of oil will fix the problem. However, if you don’t do it immediately, then you might cause irreparable damage to the transmission.

Oil leaks

Make sure you always take a quick look under your car before you pull out of a parking lot or your garage. Transmission fluid is usually yellow or red, and it looks like brake liquid. If you see any signs of fluid under your vehicle, then make sure that you determine the cause of the leak before you decide to drive your vehicle to an auto shop. In some cases (eg. brake fluid leak) it’s not safe to drive your car, so you’d better call a towing company.

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