Why a Transmission Repair Service Recommends a System Flush

Why a Transmission Repair Service Recommends a System Flush

A transmission flush clears old fluid off the transmission in a vehicle and then replaces it with a new fluid. This also helps remove any residue that may be in coolers, converters, and cooler lines. However, there is some debate if a transmission flush is necessary. Some say performing this regularly enhances and extends the life of a transmission. Others state they are unnecessary and, in fact, damage a vehicle’s transmission seals and valves.

Fluid Drain

When performing a simple draining of your old fluid, you first need to pull out the drain plug in your transmission and allow all fluid to drain out into a pan. Although this makes it possible to get rid of most of the old fluid, it will not clean the system. The end result is there will still be some of the old fluid and residue within the system. If this is the case, the old and new fluid will mix; this could decrease the effectiveness of the new fluid.

Full Flush

With a transmission flush, all of the old fluid will be removed, and the transmission system will be clean. Which means less residue to contaminate the new fluid. With some cases, a special flush fluid will be used, to help clean out the system before any new fluid is installed. Having fresh transmission fluid will mean less stress will be placed upon the transmission, which will prolong the lifespan of your vehicle’s transmission.

Possibility of Damage Occurring

Some believe that having a transmission flush done by a professional transmission repair service could blow out their valves and seals; however, this is only possible when high pressure is used to push the fluid back through a transmission system. With most cases, a transmission flush does not use pressure to remove the residue left from the old fluid.

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